Take a Pic

Client details

Name: Take a Pic

Business: Camera & video hire

Website: takeapic.co.uk

Background: Take a Pic provide camera and video hire for special events or occasions. You can select your start and end date for the hire agreement and it's all at a fraction of the cost. Upon completion of the hire send them back in the same delivery parcel for free to receive your images/videos. Having used these at a wedding, we highly recommend Take a Pic. The service is excellent and works around you.

Take a Pic contacted META in 2016 for help with an ecommerce solution to setup a new online shop.

With free delivery & returns why not pick up a package for your next event and don't miss that all important memorable shot.

Project details

Summary: After being appointed, we worked with Take a Pic to create a new brand using our Shopify Starter Pacakage. The site needed to be future proofed, so we opted for a responsive design, using a free Shopify theme which provides a suitable platform for ecommerce start-ups.

Bespoke development was required for customisations unique to Take a Pic to allow for the selection of hire days and delivery & return dates calculated based on the selected hire dates. A tabbing system was created to get all the information into a clean readable panel. All of this was built with the flexibility to allow Take a Pic to use the customisations across multiple products using Shopify's administration system.

Services provided:

Benefits at a glance:

  • Affordable ecommerce solution
  • Selling personalised products to the online market
  • Responsive web design future proofing the site
  • SEO training provided to upskill staff to adhere to search best practices
  • Secured shopping
Take a Pic website screenshot

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