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“Having successes within my role was something I imagined would happen further down the line,
but within my first month, I have had many already”

My First Month as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Amy Macfarlane, Digital Marketing Apprentice at META

Published on by Amy Macfarlane

Hi! I'm Amy, Digital Marketing Apprentice and META's latest addition to the PR Team, which has been my occupation for the past month. I joined META from an IT apprenticeship role that I had been enrolled on for 6 months. Coming from a creative background, I longed for a role that would allow me to utilise my best skills, which wasn't the case on the IT apprenticeship.

The opportunity to join META arose at the beginning of 2017, but when researching META, I had very little understanding of what they actually did (terms such as “SEO” and “PPC” are all over the website and I hadn't a clue what they meant!). However, I went into the interview stressing what I did know, and how my creative skills and experience in social media could benefit the business.

To my shock and excitement, I was offered the job shortly after the interview. Happiness, excitement, and worrying about what to expect were racing through my mind in the week running up to my start date, however before I'd even started, my team made me feel at home.

I received an email from Gareth, my boss, asking me questions such as how I like my tea (I don't, hot chocolate please!) and who my favourite Star Wars character is (Chewy, obviously). A couple of days later, my line manager, Ash sent me a photo showing me where I'd be sat with the following message.

Amy's desk at META

I just wanted to send you a photo of where you'll be working :)

Two points:

  • The lava lamp is ancient - almost as old as Gareth!
  • We can't promise all of the Cadbury Roses will be here when you start! They're not open yet, but we have very little willpower at all when chocolate is involved

The little things like this made me feel so welcome, and helped to settle my nerves a lot.

My first day & week – hitting the ground running

The big day arrived – my first day at META! I was told beforehand that I would be sitting in on a client meeting (WED2B) to discuss their performance over the last quarter. The information shared was baffling me, as it was often terminology that I had never heard before. However, I was reassured by the team and even WED2B that it would all start to fall into place with a little time.

The next day I was asked whether or not I'd like to sit in another client meeting, this time with Kit Out My Office, to which I said yes. The terminology was again somewhat baffling, but it helped me gain a working knowledge of the client and allowed me to see how the team presents their work in a slightly different way.

Reflecting on my first week, I can see now that it really has helped me hit the ground running as I was able to learn about the current situation for two of our clients and what work we'd be doing moving forward.

What have I enjoyed the most so far?

Having successes within my role was something I'd imagined would happen further down the line, but within my first month, I have had many already. Something as small as a ¼ page article makes me feel proud as it's something I could have never seen myself being able to do previously.

In addition to the above, I overcame a small fear of mine towards the end of my first month, which was speaking in front of people I'd never met before. I attended Filplastic's quarterly review and I talked to them about what the PR activity we have undertaken for them. Before attending the meeting I was slightly nervous, but I now know that I had nothing to worry about - something the team had told me.

Final Thoughts

I couldn't thank my team enough for their support and how welcoming they've have been. I'm really looking forward to my future here at META. A career in digital marketing is something I'd definitely love to excel at.

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