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“META has so far allowed me to take the lead on the clients assigned to me and allowed me to suggest new ideas I feel would benefit our proposition”

My First Six Months as an SEO Lead

Daniel Mann, SEO Lead at META

Published on by Daniel Mann

Moving jobs can be a scary prospect. You can often find yourself asking questions such as:

  • Is the grass really greener?
  • Is it the right move for my career?
  • Is it the right decision for my family?

This can make job changes even more daunting, however sometimes change is absolutely the right move for multiple reasons.

On my first day I instantly felt very welcomed by the team with a whole host of goodies laid out on my desk, which included all the kit I would need for my job and a few extras on top (including gorilla slippers). Getting to know the team was easy as they are all extremely friendly and always have time for each other to bounce ideas around and will jump in to help if something doesn’t go exactly to plan!

Joining META has so far been the best decision I have made for both my career and my work life balance, which I don’t believe is given the importance it should by many employees. I have now been working in the SEO industry for 2 ½ years and I love my job and all the challenges it brings.

Initial Challenges

One of the challenges I have faced since joining META has been getting to grips with clients on smaller budgets, meaning tasks need to be much more focused and prioritised based on what will give the best returns. I feel this has improved the way I work and changed my perception of how best to spend a client’s budget.

Working in a smaller SEO team across a range of clients provides a much more varied working week to my previous agency role. I have responsibility for not only for putting together the strategy but also producing content, seeding it out and measuring results. Whilst some people would see this as a negative, for me it’s been very positive. Being able to change and adapt what content is produced has been a great opportunity to test ideas and gain featured snippet positions for clients.


META has so far allowed me to take the lead on the clients assigned to me and allowed me to suggest new ideas I feel would benefit our proposition. This has already yielded results, as mentioned about featured snippets, and has allowed me to expand my knowledge further and will hopefully help the company grow.

Apart from working with an amazing group of people, I have been allowed to attend 2 conferences already. The first was the Shopify Partners Expo which was a good introduction to the Shopify ecommerce platform and the possibilities it presents for retailers. The second was SearchLove in London. This was my first SEO based conference and it didn’t disappoint. Take a look at our top 6 Takeaways from SearchLove 2017.

Daniel Mann in a Corvette Stingray

What Next?

The future at META looks extremely bright! Not only have we moved to a new office, but the team has been growing over the past year based on the great work we’re doing for a growing number of clients. I most look forward to helping expand our SEO team and taking on more responsibility as an SEO Lead and mentor with a team of my own.

Embrace change rather than fear it - I’m in no doubt that I made the right decision moving to META. I’m looking forward to working with such a great group of people for the next 6 months and beyond.

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