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A Day in The Life of a Web Development Apprentice

Web Developer Apprentice Joshua

A Day in The Life of a Web Development Apprentice

Published on by Joshua Rigg

I joined META as a Web Development Apprentice back in September 2018. When I first started, I had never written a line of code in my life, but with every passing day, I am learning more about development, and gaining the ability to put it into practice.

I started off at the company writing basic HTML/CSS and have progressed onto more complex languages. I'm currently learning C# through my apprenticeship course, with increasing exposure to the language at the office, where I get to help an incredible team of developers with creating a lot of great things. I've also developed a keen interest in data manipulation, which means I get to work with database languages, primarily SQL. I'm even being called the office's resident data lover!

Below is my typical working day, hopefully this provides an insight into what it is like working as a web developer.

7:30AM – Start of the day

I usually wake up and start my day at 7:30AM with a quick shower, get ready for work, and have my morning dose of coffee, which is an absolute must for me.

8:00AM-9:00AM – Commute to work

Unfortunately, I live quite far away from the workplace, and I lack a car, so I am left with the pleasure of using daily transport for my long commute to work. On the bright side, using the bus allows me to listen to music, and I enjoy keeping up to speed with the latest industry news to ensure that I have the knowledge to carry out my daily tasks.

9:00AM-9:30AM – Arrive at work

This is the time I take to get settled into the workday. I get into the office, get my laptop set-up, and check my emails for anything important. Once I am all set-up, I'll reflect on my work from the previous day, look at the work for the current day, and make a mental list of my priorities for the day.

9:30AM-10:00AM – Daily Scrum

On most days, the development team has a daily scrum, which is a brief stand-up meeting where we discuss our tasks, progress, etc. This is so we have a good understanding of where each of us are at, what our workloads look like, and distributing work to each other. We also discuss future projects so we can start planning for them early.

10:00AM-1:00PM – Getting stuck in

After our daily sprint is wrapped up, I can get stuck into my work. I handle multiple types of jobs. I often assist with graphic design work due to my previous experience of being a freelance graphic designer. Aside from all the graphics work, I'll often be working with data, or in the Shopify admin dashboard ensuring that our websites are kept to a high standard. As an apprentice who is still very young, I don't have a distinct/specific role in the team yet, as I'm slowly being exposed to development, which gives me enough time to think about what path of development I want to take. Recently, I've been helping the team with creating an API, which retrieves data from Shopify. This was a very nice task as it gave me an important role in a big project.

1:00PM-2:00PM – Lunch

For lunch, I like to get away from my desk and take a walk outside. This especially helps if I am having trouble with a task, as I can take a break and come back with a fresh mindset. There's a nice range of places to eat near the office, with Hessle Square close by, which has lots of great places to eat. If it's the first Wednesday of the month, the company buys lunch for the team, which is great.

2:00PM-4:30PM – Back to work

Back to work. Nothing much different from my mornings, but I'm a lot more awake and alert at this point. At this point of the day, I like to have made my way through all the high priority tasks, if not, then I like to plug in my headphones and have full concentration on whatever the task at hand is.


When it gets to the last hour of the day, I'll check in all my work for the day if its ready or come to a point where I can just pick it up again and continue the next day. I also like to get a bit of graphic work for the META brand done when it's coming to the end of the day, I enjoy this a lot as I can try some new styles, and I can take more time with it.

5:30-6:00PM – Home time

I usually leave the office between 5:00PM – 6:00PM. I'll do one last check of my emails, make sure all files are saved and I know where I'm at with my work. I'll shut down and pack up my laptop, then wash my mug, say goodbye to the team and make my journey home.

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