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“When I decided I needed to change roles, META was the first company that came to mind”

Josh’s first month at META

Published on by Joshua Bee


I first heard about META when I met Tim at an AI event in March 2019. We spoke about a lot of things including the future of AI, the tech industry and the fall of Manchester United. When I decided I needed to change roles META was the first company that came to mind. I then proceeded to have a 2-hour phone interview and a 3-hour in person interview. I realise looking back that it was a long time to have these interviews, but frankly the time flew by as it just felt like a casual chat rather than a technical grilling. The interview was successful, and I was excited about the potential opportunities that the role would bring.


The first day at a new job can often be daunting, but on my first day at Meta I was made to feel welcomed into the company. I was given a new laptop with all the bells and whistles, a personalised notebook and, most importantly, a box of chocolates.

A special lunch was ordered in, and there was an interesting activity of completing coworker crosswords, designed to get everyone to know each other more. It was fun, though a little tricky as I didn’t know anybody yet!

Yellow Brick Road

I have never used C# before and it has taken me a short while to get up to speed with the patterns, but luckily, I am adept at using Google to bail me out of tricky situations. I had also never heard of Shopify before applying for the role, so I have been spending a lot of time learning the intricacies of Shopify (and how to get around them).

In my previous job I worked from home for 3 years, so it was quite an adjustment to an office environment after being away for such a long time, but everyone was friendly which made the change much easier. I was also not a fan of the commute due to my previous commute being just down my stairs, but now it gives me plenty of time to catch up on podcasts, so every cloud has a silver lining.

So far, I have been involved in creating Shopify Apps for a wide range of different clients and applications.

  • I have created an application that automatically creates UPS shipping labels when an order is received.
  • I have created an application that informs stores which is the optimal Shopify plan to be enrolled in to minimise fees and therefore maximise revenue.
  • I have made improvements to a Product Tagger application so that products with specific options can then be filtered in the store.

There are plenty of applications for me to implement in the future, which should hopefully culminate in a project to develop a template application framework, an application that can be used as a basis for all future app development. Due to my background in AI there are also lots of project ideas to implement AI to solve problems that conventional algorithms cannot solve. I specialised in neural networks, and they are fantastic at predicting future outcomes based on a sufficiently large enough data set. Luckily Shopify retains a lot of data, and all this data can be used to train a model to make smart insights.

Emerald City

META is a forward-thinking company that is always looking to build intelligent solutions to solve interesting problems. There is a big vision and hopefully I can help fulfil that vision. More importantly then that however is that they are like a family, and there’s no place like home.

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