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Creating a new website will undoubtedly require a web designer at some point in the process, but this is just one of the many disciplines involved. Depending on your web development budget and project timescales, you may also want to consider our search engine optimisation services for the best results.

If you're looking for a website that works, you've come to the right place. At META, all our websites are lovingly created by an in-house team of web specialists using the latest web development standards. We've taken years to master best practice programming disciplines and coding techniques to ensure your site is professionally built, light on it's feet and super fast for your visitors.

Find out how we combine each of the specialist areas below to create bespoke websites that are right for you and your business:

Information Architecture

Before progressing too far with a new website build, you'll need to think about how it will be structured. In order to do this, you should look to answer the following: What is your most important content? Does it have a some sort of order? How will visitors navigate your site? If you're building an ecommerce website, will you need to filter your products? Are there any particular user journeys or goals that you'd like your visitors to complete?

In answering the above, you should start to formulate an IA, more commonly known as your site structure. Now is also the perfect time to think about underlying page names and URL's for your site content. Start to formulate a picture of your sites pages in a hierarchy - specialist IA software can help although tree diagrams and flow charts will often suffice.

On top of the above, engaging your search agency during the IA stage is crucial. This will ensure your website is built from the ground up with SEO in mind. Advice on URL structures, naming conventions and the most appropriate keywords to include in your filenames are just some of the areas where we can help.

Getting your sites information architecture right is paramount to your websites success. That's why at META the IA process forms part of all bespoke web projects. We'll push for the best possible site structure for your business before moving on to the next stage of the project.

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Copywriting & Content Creation

Whether it's copy, imagery, video or some other medium, content forms part of all websites in some way. Unique and engaging content is exactly what potential visitors are looking for. If they find your content useful, there's a good chance they will return to your site at a later date or even share their positive experience with other people.

Performing an audit of your existing content is always a good place to start when a new website is on the cards. An existing website or printed brochure that can be rewritten could prove useful. Perhaps you already have a product catalogue, image gallery, mission statement or a collection of testimonials from existing clients? You'll be surprised at what content you already have when you start to look.

Of course, it also helps to know what content your visitors actually want to read. If you're website is primarily an advertisement of your business and services, what makes you different? Why should someone choose to do business with you over anyone else.

If e-commerce is your thing, what specific content do people want to know about your products? Unique product descriptions, detailed specifications, clear pricing, as well as customer product reviews can all help, but that takes us into the realms of user generated content.

You may already have appropriate video content in the form of product demos or how to guides. With a plethora of video formats, choosing one that will work on all devices and browsers is a minefield. We can help to make sure your video content is accessible to your users regardless of their browser or device.

From editing your existing copy for the web, to complete copywriting projects and content strategies, META can help. We'll take your initial content ideas and turn them into compelling web pages that your users will return to time and again.

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Web Design & User Experience (UX)

Web design is often viewed as the whole process of developing a bespoke website. Strictly speaking, a web design involves just the visual conception of a sites look and feel, although a web designer may go on to build your website too.

We'd recommend completing your information architecture and performing a content audit before starting a design. Both of these elements can have an impact on the design process. It can also help to give your designer a little inspiration. Are there particular websites that you like the look and feel of? Do you have a corporate identity or brand guidelines that you'll need to bear in mind?

It may even be appropriate to work on user experience before even thinking about the look and feel of your site. For complex web applications and e-commerce projects in particular, user interface design can mean the difference between someone completing a transaction or not. You'll want to be confident that your web pages convert as many visitors as they possibly can.

Remember to consider the latest web accessibility guidelines from the W3C too. Have you chosen a typeface that's clearly legible in your target font sizes? What about the colour contrast between your sites copy and your chosen background colour?

Presuming that you're still trying to create a bespoke look and feel, you'll need the services of a web design agency and choosing the right one can be tricky. Although not essential, it can be both useful and cost effective to choose a local design agency to help. At META we're keen to provide the same professional level of service as high end agencies, but at local business prices.

META will create a stunning visual representation of your business that's reflected in your website. We'll consider everything from user experience to UI design, from white space to web accessibility. The end result will be a web design you can be proud of.

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Web Development

We like to think of web development as the 'nuts and bolts' stage of a web project. This is where we'll take your beautiful web design and craft it into a living website using HTML5 for content, CSS for layout, and JavaScript for behaviour - as well as any other technologies that we deem appropriate.

We don't expect you to understand all of the technology used during the development phase, but rest assured, our in-house developers take great care in hand coding all of our websites. By not relying on WYSIWYG editors, our development team benefit from a deep understanding of the underlying code used in your website. This makes it easier to update and maintain going forwards.

META know that great web development and the best SEO practices go hand in hand. The use of our in-house coding techniques results in faster SEO friendly websites that are better for both the end user as well as search engines. By utilising the latest web development techniques, we'll also be able to give your on-page technical SEO a boost.

Whether you're looking for a web development agency to build your next business website, or you'd like to work with us on a more complicated project, META can help.

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Software Engineering

If your website requires any form of user interaction, information gathering or data manipulation, you'll likely need the use of our specialised software engineering team. From small custom contact forms to web applications, our software engineering team can help you achieve your online goals. It's essential to involve them at an early stage, as their input will often impact other elements of your web development project.

All of our software is developed in-house. This helps to ensure that our solutions are professionally implemented, trouble free and can be easily enhanced and maintained in the future.

Our Software Engineers at META are here to help you work through your ideas to produce a powerful, versatile and accessible software solution. Every application is built with security in mind using the latest Microsoft technologies.

Coming soon to META is our own SEO toolkit, built by our software engineering team. These SEO tools are designed in house using our specialist knowledge to help our clients get the most from our online marketing services.

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Device Testing & Browser Support

With an explosion of web capable devices, each with different screen sizes and resolutions, testing your website is no longer just a case of trying it in a handful of browsers on a traditional desktop PC.

Testing your website with as many devices and browsers as possible is crucial to succeed online. If your visitors find it difficult to complete a task on your site, they are unlikely to try again from a different browser or device.

At META, we'd suggest utilising a test bed of devices and browsers to check your site for potential problems during its development. Before launch, we'd recommend a thorough review of your website using a device/browser matrix as a final checklist. Unless you have a keen interest in the latest gadgets and browsers, it probably won't be practical to do this testing yourself.

As standard, all of our website projects are thoroughly tested in the latest three major releases of today's popular browsers: Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. This ensures that no matter what browser a visitor uses, it will not impact their experience on your site. If you've chosen to build a mobile or responsive website, we'll also test it's compatibility in the latest mobile and tablet devices.

We know that some large corporate's still have a need for legacy browser support. Whilst we endeavour to develop websites that are functional in legacy browsers, this is not always possible within a standard web project. If legacy browser support is crucial to your business, that's fine. Our team will work on a browser compatibility project to ensure your site supports the legacy browsers that are important to you and your business.

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