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Not all web traffic is earned, some can be paid for via search engine marketing, often referred to as PPC. Whilst our SEO campaigns improve your organic performance, PPC looks to build your brand's visibility through paid advertising. At META, we develop campaigns that maximise your media spend.

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PPC marketing is a proven method of boosting your online visibility and can help you achieve your business goals in a cost efficient way. Paid search has many benefits compared to other traditional marketing channels such as radio and TV. PPC is easily measureable allowing you to see a clear return from your investment. With the majority of web users choosing Google as their preferred search engine, we'd recommend trying Google AdWords. Google AdWords lets you to see all the data behind your ads so that performance monitoring and optimisation against your targets is possible.

All of our paid search campaigns are precisely targeted. Your paid ads will only show on search engines when your desired keywords (search queries) trigger your ads. Your ads can be shown to a specific audience which means your budget is utilised in the most efficient way. You can even target your advertising by language, location, and device. We will work closely with you to refine a set of keywords that help you achieve your goals.

Our experienced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists have been developing effective paid search strategies across a wide range of industries for years. Whether you're looking to sell a product online or simply promote your services, we can handle all elements of a paid search campaign for you. We'll ensure your ads are highly relevant and focussed on converting clicks to generate the best return on investment for your business.

At META, our search marketing experts will tailor a paid media strategy across the following advertising channels to suit your business and your budget:

Google AdWords

If you're looking for a Google Partner to help manage your AdWords accounts and drive more visits, sales and revenue, META can help.

We can help with the following areas:

  • Advertising on Google
  • Advanced AdWords support
  • Enhanced websites
  • Online Marketing plans
  • Mobile and video ads

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Bing Ads

Often overlooked, Bing advertising is an excellent way to capture missed traffic and conversion opportunities.

Bing Ad Benefits

  • Less competition than Google AdWords, therefore generally a cheaper CPC
  • Bing Ads provide excellent device targeting options, down to device and operating system level granularity
  • Benefit of good social media extensions such as Twitter followers within Ads
  • Ads can be targeted to both gender and age demographics for your search Ads
  • Bing Ads provide more granular control at Ad Group level for things like network, location, Ad scheduling and rotation

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Google Shopping

Product Listing Advertisements (PLA's) will list your products directly on Google's search engine results pages for your target keywords as well as in Google's Shopping search. This allows shoppers to discover, compare and purchase directly from your store.

Google Shopping Benefits

  • Products show up in shopping searches
  • More screen real estate captured
  • Excellent conversion rates
  • Improved Click Through Rates (CTR)

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads provide a fantastic marketing opportunity with a reach now larger than radio and TV. Facebook now boasts a sophisticated engine allowing advertisers to target their demographic with a greater impression per £1 spent compared to all other forms of advertisement.

Facebook Ad Benefits

  • Large audience
  • Adverts can be precisely targeted providing great brand exposure for your desired demographic
  • Product & brand exposure
  • Lowest cost per 1,000 impressions

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Twitter Advertising

Twitter ads help increase exposure, leads and most importantly sales. Cut through to your customers with Twitters advanced user targeting to generate more qualified leads for your business.

Twitter Ad Benefits

  • Advanced user targeting
  • Product & brand exposure

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YouTube Advertising

YouTube ads provide a depth of information to customers which helps demonstrate product and your company service value. With advanced targeting you can increase product sales by up to 700%.

YouTube Ad Benefits

  • Target groups of people e.g. Men 18-34, who travel and are from Hull
  • Only pay for clicks when a video is watched
  • High number of impressions for your content for a relatively low cost

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