Search Engine Optimisation

Having a mobile-friendly website and social media presence is not enough. To really promote your business online you'll need a strategy to improve your brand's visibility and organic search engine performance. Work with META on an SEO campaign to deliver measurable results for your business.

Great web development and considering mobile devices can help to improve your chances in search engines, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The days of “build it, and they will come” are long gone. This is why you'll need to think seriously about search engine optimisation beyond the launch of your website to help people find your business online.

SEO isn't rocket science. Nor does it involve engaging in dark arts or selling your websites soul to the highest bidder. Moreover it is the craft undertaken to improve your websites natural (organic) visibility in search engines for a given search query, more commonly known as a keyword. With enough time and dedication, any astute business owner can learn about SEO, but to master the constantly changing search engine landscape takes years of practice. That's why you may be considering hiring a search agency to help with your sites performance in popular search engines.

Google's Search Engine Optimization guidelines suggest that deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time. Hiring a good SEO will do exactly that, ensuring your site reaches its maximum potential without the risk of being penalised for engagement in bad practices. You'll also want to make sure you get the most from your search agency through regular performance reports and updates.

At META, we know that working on a search strategy is crucial to promote the online visibility of your business. Without a strategy, you won't know where to focus your efforts, or how to improve your visibility in the major search engine engines such as Google and Bing. We employ best practice search techniques to ensure that websites are well optimised, whilst never being at risk from a search engine penalty. Our typical optimisation campaigns encompass the following to help you achieve maximum search visibility for your business:

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Keyword Research

It is absolutely essential that your website ranks for the keywords your target audience are searching for, no matter how high or low those monthly search volumes may be. That's why keyword research is one of the most important parts of your search engine strategy.

Here at META we understand the importance of good keyword research for SEO. Conducting market research into the demand of your products and services will inform you about the potential traffic you can drive to your website and will help you understand how your customers search.

One of the most important things to remember when developing your keyword strategy is that whilst getting visitors to your website is important, attracting the right kind of visitors should be the overarching goal. We see keyword research as an opportunity to understand your target audience, allowing you to focus on providing the most appropriate content, products and services for your customers.

When building a keyword strategy your should evaluate all of the following factors:

  • Keyword value – the value of a particular keyword in terms of potential traffic
  • Keyword difficulty – how difficult it may be to rank for each keyword (keywords with higher search volumes generally have more competition and are more difficult to rank for)
  • Short Vs. long tail keywords – consider the benefits of ranking for short and long tail keywords
  • Keyword relevancy – how your customers search and the types of content they are interested in
  • Keyword answers – do your keywords answer the questions your customers are asking

All of the above should feed into your overall search marketing strategy and if done correctly will amplify your websites visibility online. To find out more about keyword research and META's comprehensive SEO packages, get in touch today.

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Competitor Insight

At META we understand that our clients are essentially “at war” with their competitors. The search industry is no different from any other – it's essential to understand what your competitors are doing so that you can stand out from the crowd.

That's why we use a range of tools and tactics to gauge what our client's competitors are doing within the search landscape. We analyse competitors to see how well their website is built, highlighting quick win opportunities that you can exploit. We'll evaluate how well their content is performing, ensuring your content is the “best in class”. We also look at how your competitors are using online PR to amplify their message and we will audit their social networking accounts too.

Performing the right competitor analysis should be part of your long term search engine optimisation strategy and will help to improve your keyword rankings, organic search visibility, traffic and revenue.

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On-page Health Check & Technical Audit

Your websites “nuts & bolts” should be the first place you start when it comes to search engine optimisation. Ensuring your site is technically sound builds a good platform for an ongoing search marketing strategy. At META we offer an on-page health check or a full technical audit.

Never considered SEO before? Then we would recommend a full technical audit. We will audit every aspect of your website, from checking your page tiles conform to best practice to evaluating your websites architecture and implementing the latest microdata recommendations – our technical audit will give you the ammunition you need to excel in natural search.

Regardless of how mature your website may be, from a technical perspective we always recommend an on-page health check as a starting point for all our SEO clients. Our healthcheck will allow us to grade your site and make technical recommendations that will form part of an ongoing search strategy for your brand going forward.

For more information about a META technical audit or on-page health check, get in touch today.

Health check your website with an SEO audit from META

On-page Optimisation

In the modern era on-page content optimisation is one of the most important factors of SEO. There's a fine line between optimising your content for search engines and providing an experience users are looking for on your website.

At META specialise in the creation and optimisation of content for both the end user and search engines. There are many aspects to consider when it comes to creating great content for search. To optimise your existing on-page content we will evaluate, make recommendations and then implement all of the critical changes required on your web pages.

When it comes to content for ecommerce websites, there are just as many factors to consider. Here's a few areas we'd suggest you look to improve first:

  • Page titles – the most important element of a webpage when it comes to ranking in organic search. META advise ensuring all your page titles are to SEO best practice length and human readable with a sprinkling of your most important keywords
  • Meta descriptions – whilst meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, they are absolutely crucial when it comes to improving the CTR of a particular page. We're experts in creating and testing enticing meta descriptions that will help drive more traffic to your website
  • Header tags (<h1> to <h6>) – are the second most important part of your webpages when it comes to SEO. We will ensure that your header tags contain the most relevant keywords and clearly define the contents of your pages to help drive more visitors to your website
  • Information Architecture – are you using the right naming conventions for your web pages? Do your URLs include primary keywords? Ensuring you have an SEO optimised IA will help to drive more relevant traffic to your site

Still not sure where to start with on-page optimisation problems? META can help.

Optimise your on-page content for search engines

Content Strategy, Copywriting & Content Creation

When your on-page content is optimised to SEO best practice it is important to have a well thought out content marketing strategy in place. From the creation of blog posts and articles for your readers, to the production of product content for an ecommerce platform or stand out content marketing campaigns – at META, we are industry experts.

A successful content marketing strategy consists of: creating content that engages your audience; answers the questions of potential customers; drives traffic to your website through keyword rankings; builds quality links back to your domain and in turn drives revenue. There are many forms of content which together drive these sort of results for our clients, some of which can be found below:

  • Product content – for any ecommerce store, product content is absolutely vital. You should ensure that your product naming conventions are correct, your product descriptions include primary keyword phrases whilst still creating a unique and enjoyable experience for your visitors. At META, we're specialists in the creation and optimisation of product content
  • Ecommerce content spots – ecommerce content spots give brands the opportunity to engage with their users at vital stages of the buying journey whilst also giving the opportunity to tactically place content to help your search marketing strategy. META can create, make recommendations and optimise your ecommerce content spots for search
  • Creating inspirational and informative content – blogging is a great way for any brand to engage with their customers. Here at META we look to recommend article titles based on user search intent that can be created in-house or by META's Copywriting Team. Doing so helps build our clients brand voice whilst improving overall visibility in natural search
  • Creative content marketing campaigns – high end content marketing campaigns are a great way to improve overall visibility in search whilst building relevant backlinks from external domains. At META we can help with the ideation, recommendation and creation stage of small and large content marketing campaigns that will drive traffic to your website

Get in touch today to find out more about META's content capabilities.

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Digital PR

Are you looking for news coverage for your business? Perhaps you're looking to get a foot in the door with relevant industry authorities? Here at META we specialise in digital PR for SEO.

We understand the importance of building quality, relevant links for your brand through online PR activity. A great PR campaign can have measurable impact, whether that be through organic rankings and visibility, social reach, traffic, revenue or any other metric in between.

There are many ways to improve your natural search visibility via digital PR and we specialise in doing exactly that. Some of the PR tactics that form part of PR strategies for our SEO clients can be found below:

  • News worthy content & content marketing campaigns – creating successful content marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to build relevant links from trustworthy sources such as news websites. At META we cover all the bases when building a content marketing campaign to boost your brands visibility in natural search
  • Quality press releases – have a news story but don't know how to to go about getting it picked up in the right circles? Our writing and syndication process will help you get the most coverage from your press releases both online and offline
  • Blogger outreach & blogger engagement – one of the most cost effective and rewarding ways to boost your brands visibility is through working with relevant bloggers in your niche. Here at META we have fantastic relationships with bloggers from a variety of industries allowing us to gain exposure for your business in all the right places
  • Online magazine coverage – whatever industry you're in, online magazine coverage can be a vital part of your brands success. Getting your brand in front of the right audiences in online magazines is something META advocate
  • On and off page competitions – one way to build a buzz around your brand is by hosting on-site and also off-site competitions. Incorporating social networking sites will allow you to expand your competitions reach whilst building a new database of potential customers to reach out to
  • Brand events – what better way to expand your brands voice than by hosting an industry event? Here at META we can help you plan and execute branded events that will bring back coverage in all the right places

Get in touch for more information on how META can influence your brands online visibility through proven digital PR tactics.

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Creative Content Marketing Campaigns

In a World where quality, engaging content is king, creative content marketing campaigns have never been more important for brands looking to connect with their consumers online.

Here at META we're experts in the ideation and execution of creative SEO campaigns that give our clients the opportunity to reach new customers. Our creative content marketing campaigns have three essential steps to success: devising a well thought out strategy; the implementation and deployment of the creative campaign; and finally, measuring the success of the campaign. Each are explored below:

  • Developing a creative campaign strategy – before bringing a creative campaign to life, it's essential to develop a strategy. The most important part to a META driven SEO campaign is understanding the audience. What is the customer looking for online? How can our client provide their customers with the answers they're searching for? How will a brands voice be brought to life in this process? META will research the answers to these questions and lay the foundations of a quality creative content marketing campaign
  • Implementation and deployment – we're experts in the implementation and deployment of creative content campaigns. We love nothing more than getting our hands dirty and bringing ideas to life before watching our clients reap the rewards of a successful campaign
  • Measuring success – one of the most difficult challenges for many brands is showing the ROI of a creative content marketing campaign. Here at META we strongly believe in using data to highlight and measure the value of a campaign. We believe in providing measurable results for our clients and with creative content marketing it's no different

To find out more about creative content marketing campaigns, get in touch with META today.

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Mobile Optimisation & Mobile Search

It is officially the year of the mobile device! With the majority of searches now performed on mobiles and smartphones, Google has made it their mission to enhance mobile user experience. Things such as the Google mobile-friendly algorithm update coined Mobilegeddon shows just how serious Google are about promoting an enjoyable mobile experience.

From both a traffic and revenue perspective, brands now have to consider mobile optimisation improvements in order to make the most of consumers browsing their websites on a mobile device, which by the way is only set to increase. We understand that mobile is much more than an emerging channel. It needs to be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. We'd recommend your website is built using responsive design, else at the very least your mobile specific website should be optimised for mobile search, something that META are experts in.

At META, our SEO experts are also web design and development specialists ensuring we've got all bases covered when it comes to building a responsive website that's optimised for mobile search.

From building a mobile friendly website to user experience testing and ensuring your brand can be found in mobile search, META can help.

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Platform & Domain Migrations

For any business, a platform or domain migration is a major development with significant risks. At META, we have a team of professionals with years of experience on dozens of migrations to ensure your websites performance and visibility is maintained throughout the migration process.

A detailed project plan and on-going support allow us to guide you through the pitfalls associated with migrations. If META are not your preferred development agency, we will work on a consultancy basis with your internal or external development agency, both of which we have had outstanding client migration success stories with.

Here are just a few areas that form part of our migration process:

  • Website Architecture – ensuring your proposed website structure matches search intent and is on-point from a user experience perspective. We will provide you with a detailed hierarchy plan, giving your website the foundations it needs to perform well in organic search
  • Technical Audit – before any of our clients websites go live, we conduct a full technical audit highlighting potential issues from an SEO best practice perspective and also from a server set-up point of view
  • Redirect Mapping – many brands across the world have made the mistake of launching new websites with poorly implemented redirect maps, resulting in a significant decline in traffic and revenue. As part of the migration process, we will provide you with a full redirect map (old URL to new URL), mitigating the risks of a decline in organic search performance
  • Launch Plan – when all the technical SEO considerations have been taken care of, META will provide you with a detailed launch plan. This ensures that from launch and beyond you're in the best possible position to perform well in natural search. Everything from website crawls to Google Search Console set-up and sitemap submissions are taken care of for you

To protect and improve your organic search performance during a website migration, get in touch today.

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SSL Migration

With Google announcing back in 2015 that having a secure website will provide additional ranking benefit for brands, we're firm believers in migrating your website to HTTPS if you haven't already. An SSL migration, like any other website migration needs to be carefully planned to mitigate any potential risks.

META can perform your SSL migration for you, or work on a consultancy basis, maintaining SEO performance and brand visibility during the migration process. For more information on a smooth transition to HTTPS get in touch with our migration experts at META.

Secure your website with an SSL

SEO Training

Perhaps you're looking to bring SEO in-house? Or it might be that you're looking for employees to have a better understanding of the ever changing channel that is search engine optimisation.

Whatever your motivation to learn more about SEO, META are here to help. We provide specific, tailored SEO training for our clients, giving in-house teams a much better understanding of the channel that we are so passionate about. We're a firm believer in up-skilling internal teams to provide scalable results on large websites.

Here are just a few areas in which we have delivered search engine optimisation training:

  • Basic level SEO training – for marketers with no knowledge of SEO, we can deliver basic SEO training. From conducting keyword research to producing meta data, we'll work with you on a training programme to meet the needs of you and employees
  • Intermediate level SEO training – for those who want to improve their basic SEO knowledge, META can provide intermediate SEO training. Tailored to your needs, this is a perfect way for you and your team to build confidence and deploy a better SEO strategy
  • Advanced level SEO training – when you have a good understanding of SEO, our advanced training programme will give you the opportunity to take more of your SEO in-house. Again, our advanced SEO training will be tailored to meet your specific needs
  • SEO channel specific training – do you have a specific channel of SEO you'd like to receive training on? META can help. From content to digital PR, social media optimisation and technical SEO training, we have you covered. Whatever your needs, META will develop the right training sessions for you and your business

There are number of ways our SEO training can be delivered, ranging from whitepapers to online tuition and bespoke training days at your premises. Let us know your business requirements and we'd be happy to help!

Train your team on best practice SEO with META

SEO Consultancy

META plays the role of SEO consultant for many clients, on hand to support development teams when it comes to technical website changes. We have also supported on an ad-hoc consultancy basis with various types of website migration.

A recent SEO consultancy client are Preston Baker who we helped to successfully migrate their website at the start of 2016. META conducted a site architecture review, SEO audit, provided best practice development support, produced redirect maps and much more. We continue to work with Preston Baker on an ongoing monthly basis.

Not only can META support from a technical SEO perspective, we're also consultants for many of our clients from a content point of view, providing best practice strategies to a range of different industries. We have also consulted on a number of creative campaigns, providing support and insight to make informed decisions about content types and campaign execution.

Looking for help with SEO, website development or your overall digital marketing strategy? Engage META on a consultancy basis today.

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Analytics, Performance Monitoring & Ecommerce Tracking

We are firm believers in performance measurement and optimisation based on data. As part of our SEO offering, we deliver actionable insights using the latest reporting technology. From Google Analytics used to measure organic traffic, revenue and sales to more SEO focussed tools for monitoring ranking performance and client backlink profiles, we've got a report to help.

As well as providing you with analytics and performance data for internal business reporting, we utilise insights on a daily basis to give our SEO Team the right information to make informed decisions on how to evolve an SEO strategy.

We also offer ecommerce tracking, linking your online performance to a measurable ROI. Do you have a particular business metric that you want to measure? Perhaps you want to link online leads to offline sales conversions? META can help with a bespoke tracking solution.

Get in touch with META today and find out how we can help you measure your online performance.

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