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What's the use in having a great website if no one reads it! Building an audience on social media is a great way to promote your brand, share your quality content and engage with your readers. At META we'll help you harness the power of social media to connect your brand with your customers.

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, being sociable online has really taken off in recent years. Google are also looking to take centre stage with their social media offering, Google+. There's never been a better time to take the plunge with social promotion, but which platforms should you choose?

The social media platforms you adopt will depend largely on your business area and target audience. Twitter is a fantastic tool to release instant news and updates. It can also be harnessed as a customer feedback mechanism, although engagement with your audience is crucial - your followers will expect a timely response, usually the same day or sooner depending on the urgency of the enquiry.

Facebook has a strong following, with over 1 billion users worldwide. This might be the right platform for your business if you'd like to keep your customers up to date with more than just a quick tweet. Galleries, games and even customisable apps are all options within Facebook, but make sure you know what to use when.

When you know which platforms will work for your business, you'll need a social strategy. Your strategy beyond initial account set-up needs to cover everything from brand and reputation management through to deciding what content to share when, how often and how to monitor it all. All of this takes time, effort and a dedicated resource to do it properly. Why not let META manage a social media campaign on your behalf.

Our work in social media optimisation (SMO) involves:

Content Amplification

Have a fantastic piece of content or a message that you need to amplify? Then social media content amplification is for you.

There's no substitute for quality content, in fact here at META we have always believed that “content is king”. So what do you do when you've got some fantastic content that no one can find it?

First of all, it helps to have an audience of people who are interested in receiving updates about your business, products and services. You should build your audience carefully - a group of 100 people who are engaged is far better than a list of 1,000 people who are not even remotely interested in your business.

Once you've built an audience, you'll need to keep them engaged and interested enough to want to come back for regular news and updates from your brand. You'll then be in great shape to push your message out to a qualified audience who actually want to hear from you.

Of course, all of this takes time - you're likely to get the best results from a dedicated resource who can coordinate your efforts. If you've not got your own Social Media Manager, why not let one of ours help build an audience for you and amplify your content.

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Buzz Monitoring

Are you up to date with the latest buzz in your business sector? If you're not, you could be missing out.

Sharing information on hot topics will help your brand build authority within your business sector. It also gives you an opportunity to share and engage with your readers.

By monitoring the latest buzz on social for your business area, you'll also be able to watch for trending topics. That way, when it's appropriate you'll be ready to join the conversation and make the most of the situation.

There's also a very good chance you'll be able to spot new opportunities through social media that you won't find elsewhere. Start buzz monitoring for your business with META today.

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Brand Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your brand is an important part of any social strategy. If you're not doing any sort of brand monitoring, how will you know when you get a valuable mention or if there's been something published that could be harmful.

To do it properly, you'll want to monitor for brand mentions across all social media platforms. That way you'll be the first to know about any positive or negative sentiment related to your business.

At META, we take the hard work out of brand monitoring for our clients by escalating and dealing with mentions on an ad-hoc basis so you don't have to.

Combine our brand monitoring service with our reputation management and crisis management for a rounded social media campaign.

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Reputation Management

Your brands reputation is a valuable asset. Are you doing everything you should to nurture and protect it?

As you your business grows in popularity the way you communicate on social platforms has a direct impact on how you are perceived by your customers. For some businesses a friendly, witty approach may be appropriate whilst for others, a more professional stance may be required.

With that in mind, it's important to know how you want to be perceived by your visitors. Once you know this, you'll be able to take the right steps to ensure that any social media activity undertaken is done so with your brands best interests at heart.

If you're looking for support with reputation management, META can help.

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Crisis Management

Having a plan for when things go wrong is critical. It's no good waiting until something happens to think about what to do next - by then it's probably too late.

That's why if you're actively engaged in social media, we feel it's essential to have a contingency plan in place that outlines exactly what to do in the event of a crisis.

You'll need to think about: what constitutes a crisis on social; who to escalate it to; what your response time should be; how to acknowledge the issue, as well as options to resolve different scenarios.

Once you know how to deal with social media problems effectively, you'll be able to turn every social crisis into a potential digital PR opportunity.

Feel like you need help with a social media crisis contingency? Contact META to arrange a consultation.

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